Samo A​​​​rt Academy

National fashion style - Silk and Cotton

Each Coat is made of natural silk and cotton. One of the distinctive details of each product is the embroidery "Suzane" oriental patterns. The look is complemented by thin knitted jersey, which adds zest to the outfit and a stylish look. The unique collection is a certain balance between national and modern. The Exclusive Collection is produced in limited edition.


   ​Silk Each product is unique. Thread for fabric and embroidery is made entirely by hand - from unwinding silkworm cocoons to twisting into the finished thread. Thread is dyed only with natural dyes, and each master has his own secret, which is passed down from generation to generation. To prevent the finished product from fading, the craftsman treats it with an infusion of pomegranate peel (an infusion with water), the solution fixes the color of the threads, and also gives shine and softness to the embroidery itself on the product. Handmade embroidery is called "Suzane". In Central Asia this is a whole art. A seamstress-artist and several of her students embroider an intricate pattern on silk fabric with multi-colored threads. Every figure has a meaning. It is probably not possible to fully decipher the meaning of the mystery stitch symbols and read them. The simplicity of the cut is compensated by the complexity of the ornament and the elegance of the design. One of the distinctive details of the new collection is oriental motifs. Fashionistas look unsurpassed in such outfits. To create a stylish and harmonious look, you need to have a subtle sense of style and good taste. Each model is exclusive and limited edition.                     
   Author of the collection:   Nataly Kondra Abdulbosit Isakjanov